ūüá©ūüá™ 100 % Made in Germany

STUR Skillet - Made to Last

The German Premium Cast-Iron Skillet

Smoother, lighter, but as robust as traditional cast-iron skillets - the skillet for everyday cooking.

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What makes the STUR skillet so special?

#1 ‚Äď Made to last

Cast from an extremely long-lasting material: the STUR skillet is made out of cast-iron, precisely manufactured in one piece. Our foundry is well known for producing high-precision parts for German premium car brands.

No wobbly handle, no heat-deformation!

We own cast-iron pieces that are over 100 years old and still perform tremendously well. This is cookware you can pass on to your grandchildren.

#2 ‚Äď No sticking of food

Our skillet arrives smoothly machined and seasoned.

What does that mean? We are milling the raw, cast surface for increased smoothness and bake on several layers of grapeseed oil.

This smoothness and the oil layers allow for non-stick properties that compare to PTFE/Teflon-coated skillets - without the need for additional chemicals. The seasoning also protects against rust.

And the best part: you can easily renew this seasoning on your own!

#3 ‚Äď The perfect tool for perfect browning

Cast iron is known for its capacity of storing a lot of thermal energy. 

Hence, the STUR skillet is the right tool for giving your food the perfect amount of crust and browning - no matter if you cook steak, vegetables or fish.


  • You need to buy a new skillet every 2 - 3 years because the non-stick coating is ruined.


  • Your new STUR skillets get better by the years and last forever.

100 % Made in Germany, long-lasting and eco-friendly

Features of the STUR skillet


Ergonomic handle

We tried and compared countless handles and asked our community for feedback.

The result: a minimalist handle, equally comfortable for small and big hands. The hole at the end allows for easy hanging and storage.


For every stove type

Electric, gas or induction: our skillet works on every stove.

We purposely kept the bottom a bit thicker for even heat distribution. The STUR skillet performs well on the barbecue, too!

The bottom is milled like the inside, so it will not scratch your glass stoves.

"This seems like a VERY well thought out product!"

‚Äď Feedback on our Reddit post


Functional design, well tested

On our German blog (English: skillet heros) we have been reviewing and recommending cookware to thousands of daily readers. All of this experience went into the development of the STUR skillet.

We designed the skillet together with two well-known product designers from Berlin, experienced cast-iron experts and our reader's feedback.


For big and small portions

In the beginning our STUR skillet will be available in two sizes: 9.5 inch and 11 inch. 

Regardless of the size of your household: we have the right size for you.

Developed with 10 000+ skillet fans

After a few months of testing, designing and developing we have finalized the product and will launch our Kickstarter campaign soon. What makes us happy are reaction from fans like these:

"I'm excited for the kickstarter. Count on my backing!"

‚Äď another comment on Reddit

Never cooked with cast iron?

No problemo ‚Äď in our video course we will show you how you properly take care of your skillet and how to cook with it.

Simon was trained as a chef at the famous culinary institute Ferrandi in Paris and went on to work at the restaurant Septime, currently ranked as the 15th best restaurant in the world.

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